Capacity To Make A Financial Gift £600

A Capacity to Gift Assessment is a way of ensuring that a person has the capability to make a financial gift.

The assessment will cover the gift and the client’s wider estate and often their family tree. When assessing for capacity to gift we use the legal test of Re Beaney. 

It is important to note that the threshold of Capacity assessments for gifting can change depending on the size of gift in relation to the person’s total estate. For example a proportionally large gift that would substantially affect the value of an estate would require a degree of understanding as high as that required when assessing Testamentary Capacity.

We will require information regarding the gift, the client’s estate, financial affairs, client’s family tree and any dependants.

Just Health provide an easy to use hassle free service with everything explained in simple, layman’s terms to the client. Our  Assessment include one visit to the client’s home, an assessment, travel, reading time, completion of a summary report.

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