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Here at Just-Health, we provide you with the peace of mind that you are fit to fly with a medical certificate.

Our doctors will assess your health and advise you on your fitness to fly. Your risk of flying in the context of any medical conditions will be assessed in accordance with the latest air travel guidance. If deemed safe and appropriate you will be issued with a fit to fly certificate. If your medical condition means that you don’t meet the criteria set out by the airline or if the doctor feels that flying would put you at significant risk, then unfortunately they won’t be able to complete a fit to fly certificate.

When do I need a fitness to fly certificate?

Aircraft cabin pressure is similar to that on a 5000 ft mountain, this can lead to less oxygen in your blood which may cause problems if you are anaemic or suffer with lung or heart disease. This pressure drop is also a potential problem if you have had recent chest, abdominal or eye surgery or if you have recently had a pneumothorax (collapsed lung).

There are many other medical conditions that can increase the risk from flying. For example if you have had a recent heart attack, DVT, infection or stomach bleed. It is always best to get advice from a competent medical doctor.

Fit to Fly in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant then flying is inadvisable after 32 weeks and airlines will often not allow travel after 36 weeks (for singleton pregnancies). There is an increased risk of DVT (blood clots) and there is the risk of going into early labour on the flight.

Each airline have their own set of rules on flying when pregnant, with newborn or with a medical condition. It is best to review this information before coming to see the doctor. PLEASE BRING YOUR MATERNITY NOTES/ CARE RECORDS WITH YOU.

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