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Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) Medicals Doctor £130

At JUST HEALTH Our Doctor offers OEUK Medicals formerly OGUK. This is an assessment of medical fitness to work off shore (in the Oil and Gas Industry or Wind Turbine Installations). It can only be carried out by an OEUK Approved Doctor.

We provide nationwide coverage, Our OEUK Medicals are completed by our competent GMC registered doctors, simply book yours today.

Emergency Response Team fitness test / ERT Medical £199 OEUK Doctor

For emergency response teams (ERT) in Oil and Gas, a higher level of fitness is required. They are often required to deal with acute or life-threatening situations. Hence, ERT OEUK medicals involve an aerobic fitness test (Chester Step Test) and a slightly higher standard for Body Mass Index (BMI).

Click Here to find out more about the Chester Step Test

OEUK MEDICAL + Fit To Train for in Water CA-EBS £180 OEUK Doctor

(OPITO BOSIET, FOET and HUET Survival Courses)

Fit To Train Assessments for in water Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Systems (CA-EBS) are designed to ensure you are physically fit to take part in the in water CA-EBS exercises that are included within the OPITO approved BOSIET/FOET/HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training course with CA-EBS Survival Courses.

A Fit To Train medical examination includes;

Questionnaire about respiratory, ear, nose and throat health

Lung health assessment

Face-to-face medical assessment

Please note If declared medically unfit to train, you can still participate in your BOSIET/FOET/HUET Course but not the in-water CA-EBS exercises. You will still get your certificate as normal. You will be required to undertake dry CA-EBS training separately in the classroom.


Ring 01282 936900 to book your appointment Nationwide.



Monday – Sunday 9:00 – 18:00
  • Current (in date) photo ID for example passport or national ID card.
  • Your old original OGUK certificate (if you have one) or equivelant.
  • Print the digital form below, and complete in capitals.
  • Medical reports from your GP or hospital Specialist, if there is an ongoing or new health issue.
  • Completion and discussion of the OEUK medical health questionnaire.
  • Physical examination including height and weight.
  • Urine testing (to assess how well your kidneys/ body is working).
  • Vision testing (near, distance and colour).
  • Audiometry testing (hearing test).
  • Lung function test (peak flow/Spirometry)
  • Some Companies require an additional drug and/ or alcohol screen. Please make sure you understand what your Company requires!.
    Your OEUK Certificate will be issued at the end of the appointment, unless a medical condition is found which requires consultation with the employer and/ or Authority. The longest duration of the certificate is 2 years.
  • Anyone working offshore in UK or Norwegian waters.
  • Those personnel working worldwide, who’s Company recognise OEUK medicals.
Our doctors are frequently asked various questions surrounding medical conditions and medication being taken prior to appointments. We have listed the most common enquiries below for you to read through in advance of your medical with Just Health Clinic
Individual assessment is required. In some cases use of anti‐depressants as maintenance therapy may be permissible.
Well controlled asthma which does not interfere with exercise tolerance is usually permissible.
Colour blindness
This is not a bar to offshore work unless good colour vision is an essential requirement of the job.
Contact lenses
Contact lenses are permitted offshore. We recommended a spare pair of spectacles is taken offshore with you.
Diabetes controlled by diet alone or diet and tablets is not an obstacle to working offshore, provided the condition is well controlled and there are no complications.
The situation regarding diabetics requiring insulin is more complex. It is likely that reports will be required from GP and specialists to confirm the condition is well controlled. Each case needs individual assessment and discussion with the Operator’s Medical Advisor. The risks associated with insulin dependent diabetes are incompatible with unrestricted fitness to work in the off shore environment and only a restricted certificate will be issued. More frequent medicals will be required and the certificate will only be valid for a named installation.
A statement from the employer is required to determine whether the individual is employed in a Category 1 job (safety critical e.g. scaffolders, rope access personnel, crane operators, drill crew), or Category 2 (other). Specialist reports will be required.
Individuals are assessed on a case by case basis. A minimum of 6 months free of seizures must elapse.
The use of an Epipen is unlikely to be compatible with work offshore.
Hearing aid
Provided safety announcements and warnings can be heard without use of a hearing aid and the device is intrinsically safe, hearing aids may be worn offshore.
An inguinal hernia (in the groin) poses a risk of strangulation and requires surgery before return offshore.
An umbilical hernia (at the belly button) may be acceptable after assessment.
Heart Attack
Individual assessment is required with reports from GP and specialist. A minimum of 3 months must elapse before return offshore and the individual must have successfully completed an exercise test (treadmill test).
Hypertension, or high blood pressure is permissible provided it is well controlled and there are no complications.
Inflammatory bowel disease
Conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease require individual assessment. The condition must be stable, with no unacceptable side effects from medication. The presence of a stoma is not necessarily incompatible with work offshore.
Individuals with a BMI of 40 or more are unlikely to obtain an unrestricted certificate for safety reasons. Verification of ability to don a lifejacket, fasten a 3 point harness and escape from a helicopter hatch will be required. General mobility to perform job tasks and to respond to emergency situations is essential.
Some pacemakers can be affected by electromagnetic fields. Written statements from the employer/operator will be required detailing the strength of magnetic field to which the individual will be exposed in the course of their work, as well as from the cardiologist or pacemaker manufacturer regarding the risks.
Strong painkillers which have sedating side effects are incompatible with work offshore.
Sleep apnoea
Use of CPAP may be acceptable.
Sleeping pills
Sleeping pills cause drowsiness and impaired alertness and are not permitted offshore.
A minimum of 6 months must elapse before return offshore. Individual assessment is required.
Having only one eye or poor vision in only one eye may be acceptable provided the individual has adjusted to the situation.
Warfarin may be permitted offshore in some circumstances. Cases require individual assessment and discussion with the Operator’s Medical Advisor.

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Easy to book and great to do it on a Sunday Quick and simple

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Had my HGV Drivers medical with Dr Khan this morning. Fast, friendly, efficient and helpful. Very happy to recommend.

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Great service, an apology for being 5 mins late! Very smooth examination and completion of the D4. Will be back next year.

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Really professional place and all was done quickly and efficiently. The doctor explained everything and was very patient, helpful and caring. Highly recommended

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Lot easier and cheaper than going to my doctors

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Great doctor and knows exactly what he was doing. Made you feel comfortable and welcome. Great guy thanks and will definitely recommend others to use you.

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Very impressed, process was quick and professional the doctor and her aide’s we’re both polite and professional even double checking the form was all filled in correctly before I left. I can definitely recommend and will use next time.

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Quick service, will use again

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very nice people there,friendly and nice. all perfect.

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Very good and weekend appointments

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The best clinic I have ever done medicals. Professionalism and approach to patient is exceptional. I truly recommend.

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very quick and efficient service with courteous dr and staff would recommend.

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Third time I’ve used the service and been good every time. Recommended

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Did not wait long all most straight in and out. My doctor had charges me £130 pounds last time. Saved £80 pounds. Result!

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A great service no hassle or waiting around, very friendly Dr.
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Fast and great service.

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Very friendly service fast and efficient with the added bonus I had my medical on a Saturday so didn’t have to take time off work! I’d definitely use again and recommend.

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First class service

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Great people and great service

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This is an amazing service, I have used a few times . Very professional, friendly and fast. I Totally recommend

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Very pleased with the Doctor relaxing attitude. He made me feel comfortable as I was a bit nervous at first. I will definitely recommend this Clinic to any Driver requiring Medical.

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Lovely receptionist very helpful and the doctor was very thorough with his examination

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Professional, pleasant and convenient service. Everything from booking to the actual medical, was simple, well explained and there was always someone on hand and willing to answer any queries. Would definitely recommend .

Alan Downs, Lancaster

This is the second time I have completed a Medical Assessment with Just Health, previously it was a Scuba Diving Medical, this time it was a D4 for my HGV Licence. Both times it has been hassel free and professional, really happy with the service and wouldn’t hesitate to reccommend them to anyone needing a Medical, great value for money, convenient location, out of hours appointments 🙂

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