Private GP Membership Scheme for Employees

Our private GP Membership Scheme for employees is an exclusive service that aims to keep your employees healthy. Absences due to sickness can have serious implications for your business, with deadlines being missed and meetings cancelled, which will impact other staff members negatively. Our private GP Membership Scheme has been specifically setup in a way that avoids the delays of simple treatment, which is often the cause of these issues.

Recruitment and staff retention is also improved due to our clinic membership schemes and it can also provide a boost in morale for staff. Despite the clinics costing a fraction of the costs of private medical insurance (PMI), staff often appreciate the clinics more than private medical insurance. Some businesses only use our occupational health service for specific key roles within the business, while others offer the membership to every employee.

Whats included in the costs of our yearly subscription?

  • 12 consultations per year per employee
  • Free private referrals to other services
  • Free clinic letter/report for your Employer / NHS GP
  • Free Private prescriptions issued for treatments (Fees may be payable to your chosen chemist for the drug prescribed)
  • Management of your health conditions

Please note additional fees may be levied for blood tests or investigations. Any additional costs will require approval from your finance department / employer.

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