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About Just Health Weight Loss Clinic

We specialise in creating a personalised weight loss plan at our weight loss clinic.

Just Health is dedicated to helping people achieve their weight loss goals through various means including medication, nutritional plans, and weight loss injections.

At the first consultation, you will discuss your weight concerns and targets with one of our clinicians. They will design a weight loss treatment that is achievable and works for you.

We encourage weekly appointments thereafter to chart your progress, to offer support and encouragement, and also to see if the plan needs altering in any way to maximise further benefit.

At Just Health we aim to establish a sense of achievement when you finish our tailored weight loss programme as well as improve your health and well-being in the process.

For Females we also have a specialist weight loss coach that works alongside you, providing a weight loss exercise plan that is achievable and manageable based on your ability and requirements.

Prescription Medication

As part of the programme we will consider prescribing weight loss medication. We will explain how the medication works as well as any potential side effects that you may experience. We also monitor you throughout the process to ensure the medication is right for you.

Here are some of the therapies we may try:


Developed in Britain by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management, Lipotrim Weight Maintenance products are unique formulations of low-calorie foods with a high soluble fibre content. This means that they are nutritious and yet they make you feel satisfied faster, so you eat lighter meals and you are far less likely to ‘snack’ between meal times.

Used in conjunction with normal ‘healthy eating’ low-fat meals for breakfast and lunch, Lipotrim Weight Maintenance products can help you adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

People with a weight problem can benefit the most if they use the Lipotrim maintenance foods at Breakfast and at Lunchtime. If your particular weight maintenance problem is not too serious you may find that one a day is sufficient.

Appetite Suppressants

Phentermine and Diethylproprion (our tablet medication) stimulate the release of certain chemicals within the hypothalamus (located in the brain). This leads to appetite suppression and reduced hunger perception. As you have more control over your hunger, this helps you to eat less food and thereby lose weight.


Xenical works by blocking the enzymes that break down fats in the intestine. These fats cannot be absorbed by the body and are instead excreted unchanged. Fat has the highest calories per gram of any of the major food groups with 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories per gram in protein and carbohydrates.

By reducing the amount of fat absorbed by the body, Xenical reduces the number of calories taken in by the body for that meal and thereby assisting with your weight loss.

Saxenda Injections

Saxenda contains the active drug liraglutide, which is a GLP-1. The drug reaches activated neurons in brain regions and regulates the appetite and calorie intake.

By reducing your appetite Saxenda will help you keep to a calorie-controlled diet and achieve your weight loss goals. Medical studies have shown patients treated with Saxenda achieve significantly more weight loss and maintain that loss compared to patients dieting alone.

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review us hgv d4 driver medical just health burnley

Very friendly service fast and efficient with the added bonus I had my medical on a Saturday so didn’t have to take time off work! I’d definitely use again and recommend.

Chris R

Very professional, great social distancing whilst maintaining a friendly helpful atmosphere. The process was quick too. Would definitely recommend!

J Mason

Good and efficient service ,thank you for working during the virus epidemic, helpful getting my pco medical completed.

Anthony East,

Good all forms checked and filled in very prompt

Pauline Robertshaw

We have used Just Health for a family medical. I was very impressed with how efficient and easy the whole process was. I received an appointment very quickly and was able to get it all completed very efficiently. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Jenna Rigby ,

The best clinic I have ever done medicals. Professionalism and approach to patient is exceptional. I truly recommend.

Piotr Piatczak

I arrived early and got seen straight away. Doc was very professional and was extremely polite. Answered all my questions I had to ask about the forms. Will use again if she’s still doing it in 5 years.

Lee Ogaza

Did not wait long all most straight in and out. My doctor had charges me £130 pounds last time. Saved £80 pounds. Result!

Ken Daniels

Amazing! Open 7 days got my medical sorted off-peak hours. No complaints here and very cost effective.

R N Clements,

Needed medical for paramedic course fast service booked same day fantastic service

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Very good and efficient service. Highly Recommend.

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The Doctor was very informative and went through every eventuality.

Jane S,

Had my HGV Drivers medical with Dr Khan this morning. Fast, friendly, efficient and helpful. Very happy to recommend.

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Needed a medical for my LGV. Contacted the clinic direct and they were helpful, polite and professional. Booked my appointment and everything went very smoothly. I would recommend thsi clinic.

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Very easy Process from start to finish. Appointment times with immediate availability. Very nice doctor. Now my regular HGV medical centre.

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Very nice doctor very helpful happy with the service will use again thanks a lot best wishes.

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All good. Parking on street opposite. Friendly doctor.

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Very quick service seen on time

Michael Phelan,

Lovely receptionist very helpful and the doctor was very thorough with his examination

J A Kennedy-millar,

Fast, thorough service at a convenient local location

John Entwistle,
very happy with the service. Felt comfortable and reassured throughout the procedure. We were issued with an aftercare leaflet and a phone number we could ring in case we had any concerns.

Absolutely superb , very quick and same day appointment higher recommended.

Milad Kargar,

First class service

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Giancarlo De Canio,

Very Good service could not fault.

J Reddy,

Lovely doctor, very positive and pleasant experience. Late appointments available, which is very convenient to pop in after work

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Great doctor and knows exactly what he was doing. Made you feel comfortable and welcome. Great guy thanks and will definitely recommend others to use you.

K Menns

very nice people there,friendly and nice. all perfect.

D perez

Very well organized, especially in the current climate

G Wilson,

(D4 Medical) Appointment was booked the next day, receptionist staff friendly and helpful providing receipts on request, doctor was friendly and professional, overall brilliant service saving half price in comparison to NHS and a week early very pleased!

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Really professional place and all was done quickly and efficiently. The doctor explained everything and was very patient, helpful and caring. Highly recommended

O Jugoo,

Fast friendly service, just what the doctor ordered!

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