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  3. Medical Records Requested from Your GP Surgery (This part of the process can take up to 1 month)
  4. Medical Records are Reviewed & Report sent
Firearms Medical Shotgun License process Doctor GP

We aim to process your application within 3 days of receiving your complete medical records.

FAQs for Verification of Firearms Medical / Shotgun Licence.

This depends on your licensing authority. Normally it is up to three months before your renewal date,

All police forces in England, Wales and Scotland now require medical verification for shotgun and firearms certificate holders and applicants.

This includes:

  • Avon and Somerset Constabulary Bedfordshire Police Cambridgeshire Constabulary Cheshire Constabulary City of London Police Cleveland Police Cumbria Constabulary Devon and Cornwall Police Derbyshire Constabulary Dorset Police Durham Constabulary Dyfed-Powys Police Essex Police Gloucestershire Constabulary Greater Manchester Police Gwent Police Hampshire Constabulary Hertfordshire Constabulary Humberside Police Kent Police Lancashire Constabulary Leicestershire Constabulary Lincolnshire Police Merseyside Police Metropolitan Police Service Norfolk Constabulary North Wales Police Northampton Police North Yorkshire Police Northumbria Police Nottinghamshire Police Police Scotland South Wales Police South Yorkshire Police Staffordshire Police Suffolk Constabulary Sussex Police Surrey Police Thames Valley Police Warwickshire Police West Mercia Police West Midlands Police West Yorkshire Police Wiltshire Police
  • Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Cheshire Derbyshire Dyfed-Powys Essex Gloucestershire Gwent Hertfordshire Kent Greater Manchester Lancashire Lincolnshire Merseyside North Wales Nottinghamshire Scotland South Wales South Yorkshire Surrey Sussex Thames Valley West Mercia

Firearms applicants should be able to demonstrate to the licensing authority that they require their firearm on a regular, legitimate basis for work, sport or leisure (including collections or research).

This medical assessment is performed by our Experienced GMC Registered GP. We have carried out thousands of medical assessments at our Just Health Clinic

To Complete this medical a face to face appointment is not required. Your application needs to be assessed by a doctor who is registered with the general medical council (GMC) with access to your Full medical records (New applications) or Medical records with last 20 year history (Renewal applications). Please note for applicants in Wales a full set of Medical Records are needed for all applications.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange for information about their medical history to be provided by their GP (or another suitably qualified doctor registered with the GMC) to the police firearms licensing department dealing with their application.

When the medical information is being provided to the police by a doctor who is not the GP of the applicant, the doctor must receive the applicant’s full medical record direct from the GP practice and not via the applicant. For New applications your full medical records including LLoyd Geroge Cards are required. For Renewal applications the last 20 year Medical Records usually suffice. Please note for applicants in Wales a full set of Medical Records are needed for all applications.

When a person applies for a firearm or shotgun certificate or to be registered as a firearms dealer, the applicant must provide information to the police which will confirm whether or not the applicant is or has been diagnosed or treated for any relevant medical condition which could affect their ability to possess a firearm safely. This process includes verification of an individuals medical History from a GMC Registered Doctor (Usually your GP). Our GP at Just Health Can assist with this process in a quick and efficient manner and at low Cost.

The Firearm Medical / Shotgun Licence Review involves a Doctor reviewing your full medical records to assist the police in determining whether you currently or previously have had any Relevant Medical Conditions that could influence your ability to possess a firearm safely.

Relevant Medical Conditions include:

  • acute stress reaction or an acute reaction to the stress caused by a trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder
  • suicidal thoughts or self-harm or harm to others
  • depression or anxiety
  • dementia
  • mania, bipolar disorder or a psychotic illness
  • a personality disorder
  • a neurological condition: for example, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s diseases, or epilepsy
  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • any other mental or physical condition, or combination of conditions, which may affect the safe possession of firearms or shotguns.

The list above is not intended to be exhaustive. Doctors should consider any other mental or physical condition which may affect the individual’s safe possession of a firearm or shotgun, now or in the future.

See also sections 3.34 and 3.35 when a patient has been subject to the provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983 and/or the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003.

We will carry out a comprehensive review of your medical records. Any items that potentially meet the criteria identified by the Police will be included in the report and a firearms officer will usually interview you as part of the process.

The legal responsibility for monitoring firearms holders rests with the police.

The police force ultimately making the final judgement on the issuing of the firearms licence.

Our role is solely to provide reports of medical facts (not opinions), we have no involvement in or personal influence over the final decision.

This medical assessment is conducted by our Lead GMC Registered GP. We have carried out thousands of medical assessments at our Just Health Clinic

We are a Nationwide Medical Clinic offering a wide range of Medical assessments by GMC Registered Doctors and GPs. Our fees are very competitive and LOW COST. Our indemnified GP is an active member of BASC and approved by the British Association for Shooting and Conversation. We offer our Medical service tor shooting club members, the Police force and individual license holders or applicants.

We will not be beaten on price. We provide our services all over the UK with a very fast turnaround.

We are nationwide with over 80 clinics in England Scotland and Wales. All Firearm Shotgun Medical enquiries and assessments are managed at our Head Office in Burnley. Feel free to check out our Reviews or call us on 01282 936900. We will happily answer any queries related to your application.

We will retain your records for 6 months after your report is completed and sent back to you and/or the relevant police force or sooner if you report You application has been successful.

Please note we retain a copy of your application form as well as the completed medical proforma. Electronic records will be deleted.

At JUST-HEALTH, Our Team of Doctors have Conducted Medicals for BASC Members.

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